Thursday, November 4, 2010

Matt Hughes Died | How did matt hughes die? | Matt Hughes Death Cause

Matt Hughes Died | How did matt hughes die? | Matt Hughes Death Cause

Matt Hughes Storm Chaser Death: How Did Matt Hughes Die? – Matt Hughes was best known for the show Storm Chasers. Matt is a meteorologist whose passion is to look for storms, chase it and deliver it live from where the storm is happening. During the November 3, 2010 episode of Storm Chasers, National Geographic paid tribute to Matt Hughes contribution and set up a fund for his two young sons. The episode was named “Dedication” and talks about Matt Hughes and about what happened to the team member featured on the National Geographic Show.
How Did Mat Hughes Die? Well, the thing is Matt Hughes Storm Chaser death does not include nature but a battle within himself. The cause of death was the injury he suffered after a failed suicide attempt. One would ask why would someone as successful as Matt Hughes try to commit suicide.

Hughes endured the danger and risk of life and limb involved in getting so close to tornados and hurricanes, however on May 26th he died after his failure to battle with his life’s own storms and turbulence. On his death he left behind a wife Kendra and two sons, Hunter and Collin.

According to a reliable source the motive for the suicide was in fact problems at home. “I won’t go into specifics here, but there was never any illegal activity, but an accumulation of issues at home were mounting, and he kept it to himself until the end,” says the source.

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