Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sachin As the Don Of Cricket | Australians Confirmed Sachin As the Don of This Era in Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin is supreme in cricket world today. He is playing for more than 20 years now but the zeal, passion, dedication, accuracy, skill and devotion is still at its extreme in him. He still takes the same as seriously as a newcomer and plays as maturely as he has played ever.
He is a natural batsman with an urge to enhance his skills with every ball he plays. He keeps observing other players to learn new from them in any aspect. He is a great gentleman, has never been seen abusing or using harsh words off or on ground.
Recently he has surpassed a number of records in the ongoing Australia India two test match series in the second and last test match being played at Bangalore. On second day of the match he crossed 14,000 test runs.
On third day he made he century number 49 and on day four of the match he made his double century number 6. The way he is batting this year, it does not seem difficult for him to cross 50 centuries and 15,000 runs. This calendar year only India still have to play half a dozen of matches.
Recently statisticians released his batting average in this calendar year 2010 which has equaled Don Bradman’s career average that is 99.5% which itself speaks of volumes and volumes about this legend who is admired and worshiped not only in his own country but in the whole world.
He is also called as Don of current Cricket period. A poll was conducted recently in Australia online by the leading Australian Newspaper ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ asking its readers online to answer if Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsman of this era as compared to all other leading batsmen.
More than 14,500 responded in this online poll in Australia out of which nearly 85% of the respondents answered in positive. It was quite daring for a newspaper belonging to the land of Sir Don Bradman to even ask this question.
The surprising factor is the large number of persons who participated in this poll and most astonishing factor is around 85% of them confirmed that Sachin is the Best Batsman Ever in Cricket World.

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