Monday, October 4, 2010

Naveen Mayur Died | Kannada Actor Naveen Mayur Dies of jaundice

Kannada actor Naveen Mayur died at 5.30 pm on Sunday on 3rd October.

He is now just 32.

He was suffering from jaundice. He was admitted to a private hospital in Bangalore, but he could not respond to the doctors’ treatment.

For the first time in films Naveen Mayur Desai Kannada with Sunilkumar Sparsha directed the film, which included Sudeep in the lead. Later, he acted in films such as lava Lavike, Upendra in Uppi MBBS Dada, Poorvapara, Ninagoskar, Preity Hudugarigella Madhu, Nana Cooley Hendti, Avane Avanandre, Neela and hello.

Naveen Mayur Died | Kannada Actor Naveen Mayur Dies of jaundice,
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