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Hell In A Cell Results | 3rd oct 2010 | WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus | Jack Swagger vs. Edge | John Cena vs. Wade Barrett |

The Hell in a Cell gimmick has almost always aided WWE in drawing additional eyeballs to its programming, and the hope is that Sunday’s WWE card will offer enough to reverse the trend of disappointing buyrates.

Although two title matches are featured on the card, WWE has treated a match between John Cena and Wade Barrett as the true main-event. The stipulations are simple–if Cena wins, Nexus has to disband. If Barrett wins, Cena has to join Nexus.

What will happen? Full results of WWE Hell in a Cell follow.


WWE United States champion Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison: Submissions Count Anywhere.

They made it clear before the match that the first submission wins the match. Miz had the last entrance and said that the entire situation was ridiculous, as he was “mentor to both” of them and that none of the fans would know who Bryan and Morrison would be without the Miz, but without them, he would still be the champion. Miz said that he has “it” and would be the new champion tonight. He claimed that he never tapped out before going into his catch phrase.

Miz was overwhelmed early by Bryan and Morrison before powdered out of the ring. They chased him around before taking him out in the ring and knocking Miz back outside of the ring. Bryan and Morrison went back and forth with some solid mat wrestling. Bryan locked in a leglock. Morrison grabbed the ropes but due to the rules, that wouldn’t force a break. They go to the floor, where Bryan holds onto the move. Miz attacks both, breaking it up and tosses Morrison back into the ring.

Morrison was whipped into the corner but slipped away from Miz as Miz charged and locked in a Tarantula. Bryan dropkicked both, sending Miz to the floor. Danielson went for the Cattle Mutilation, which Matt Striker called under that name. Miz tried to get involved but Danielson caught him in a leglock. The crowd came alive when they thought Miz would tap. Miz kicked Bryan in the face and went for a heel hook. Bryan reversed it back into a leglock. Morrison came off the top with a corkscrew moonsault on both, then locked in a Haas of Pain on Bryan. Miz broke up the submission.

Morrison nailed a corkscrew plancha over the top onto Miz on the floor. He charged Miz but was backdropped into the crowd. Miz followed him and they battled back and forth into the crowd. Miz slammed Morrison into the barricade, then locked on an armbar in the crowd. Morrison punched Miz and followed him through the crowd as Miz tried to escape. They began battling up a flight of stairs, where Miz slammed Morrison into a steel guardrail. Miz slipped Morrison through the rail and tried a Dragon Sleeper but Bryan joined the fray to break it up. Miz kicked him down some stairs, then slammed him into a plastic trash can cover.

Danielson grabbed Miz., surprising him with a Fujiwara armbar submission. Morrison got involved but was elevated and dropped across a piece of the arena’s steel sectioning. Miz threw Bryan into a guard rail, which collapsed, by the stage area. Morrison grabbed Miz and tossed him out of sight with Miz disappearing behind the stage. Morrison tossed Bryan into a wall. Miz returned with a large box on wheels, slamming it into Morrison. He placed Bryan atop of it and rammed it into the entrance ramp, with Bryan bumping off the box and onto the ramp. Morrison tried to lock a triangle choke on Miz on the box but Bryan interfered. Miz slammed Bryan into the barricade, then hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Morrison.

Miz and Bryan brawled up to the entrance stage. Morrison recovered and scaled the fencing that was used as decoration on the stage, then dove off a good 8-10 feet down onto Miz and Morrison. Morrison went for a Texas Cloverleaf on Miz but as Miz was about to tap, Alex Riley hit the scene and attacked Morrison. Bryan took out Riley (and a cameraman) before locking the LeBell Lock on Miz, who tapped.

Your winner and still United States champion, Daniel Bryan

You knew we were getting a good match with these guys involved and they delivered. Real interesting stuff and a very entertaining brawl here. Lots of unique submissions. I really enjoyed this.

After the match, Michael Cole finally admitted, “I get it. Daniel Bryan is for real.”

HELL IN A CELL: WWE champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

They showed a replay of Orton punt kicking Chris Jericho on Monday. They did the big ring introductions for the title match. They locked up once the cage was locked and went back and forth across the ring without either getting the advantage. They began slugging it out with Orton getting the better of it early but Sheamus mounted a comeback. Orton cut him off with a kick to the gut. He went to slam Sheamus into the turnbuckles, but it was blocked and Sheamus worked him over in the corner.

Sheamus whipped Orton into the ropes but Orton nailed a clothesline and tossed him to the floor. Orton followed and tried to slam Sheamus into the cage but it was blocked. Sheamus jumped right back into the ring to avoid the cage. Orton took him down and began stomping away at him. Sheamus came back with a slingshot shoulderblock off the apron into the ring, then began pounding Orton with elbows and punches. Sheamus brought him out to the cage but Orton fought him off. Sheamus finally whipped Orton into the cage and clotheslined him on the floor.

Sheamus grabbed the upper half of the steel ring steps and threw them at Orton but missed. Orton attacked Sheamus and rammed him backwards into the cage several times. Orton then grabbed the stairs and nailed Sheamus with them. Orton brought him back into the ring and attempted a suplex but Sheamus reversed it and draped Orton over the ropes. Sheamus tackled him, knocking Orton off the apron and into the cage. Sheamus tossed Orton into the ring for a two count.

Sheamus began stomping the hell out of Orton in the corner. Orton pulled himself up and fired back but was caught with a series of knees to the mid-section. Sheamus ripped the top turnbuckle off one of the corners. He tried to ram Orton into it but Orton blocked himself and fought back before being cut off. Orton rolled out of the ring to regroup but Sheamus grabbed him and raked his face against the cage. Sheamus grabbed the ring steps again. He set them up, picked up Orton for a suplex and dropped him across them. Orton began selling the ribs in a major way as Sheamus dropped a knee on them. He tossed Orton into the ring and scored a two count. Sheamus locked in a body scissor but Orton finally fought his way to his feet.

Orton began using rear elbows to fight off Sheamus, dropping him with a suplex. Orton sold the ribs as he made his way back to his feet. Sheamus charged but Orton evaded him and Sheamus nailed the buckle corner he removed. Both men went down, hurting but made their way back to their feet. They began slugging it back and forth. Sheamus went for a slam but Orton nailed a clothesline and powerslammed Sheamus. He whipped Sheamus into the corner but was caught with an elbow. Orton came back with a suplex for a two count.

Orton nailed a backbreaker but when he went for the RKO, Sheamus kneed him in the ribs. Sheamus pulled the ring steps into the ring. Orton began firing with rights but a knee to the ribs ended that. Sheamus picked up Orton for a slam but Orton escaped and ended up nailing a scoop slam on the stairs. Orton covered him but Sheamus got the shoulder up at the last second. Sheamus and Orton battled back and forth, ending with Orton snapping Sheamus’ throat over the ropes. Back on the floor, Sheamus tackled Orton on the floor. They were treating it like a war of attrition where both were taking extreme punishment and were hurting. Both were doing a really good selling job.

Sheamus brought Orton back into the ring and nailed an over the knee backbreaker on Orton on the stairs. He nailed Orton with the pump kick but Orton kicked out and Sheamus’ facial expression of shock was just plain awesome. Sheamus went under the ring and pulled out a chair, bringing it down over Orton’s back and ribs a number of times, but only getting a two count. As Orton made his way to his feet, Sheamus went for a swing with the chair but missed. Orton nailed an RKO but Sheamus rolled out of the ring, killing the effectiveness of the move.

On the outside, Orton snapped to attention and teased the punt kick but missed it. Sheamus nailed the pump kick to Orton on the outside. He rolled Orton back into the ring but only garnered a two count. Frustrated, Sheamus set the stairs up in the ring again, then pulled Orton toward them. He went for the High Cross but Orton took Sheamus’ legs out from under him, slamming Sheamus back-first on the stairs. Orton was too tired to take advantage so Sheamus went for another High Cross but Orton slipped out and nailed the RKO on the stairs for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE champion, Randy Orton!

Really well worked match. They did a really good job telling their story.

They aired a Bragging Rights PPV commercial, with Nexus as one of the selling points.

Josh Mathews was with all the NXT Season 3 Rookies, pushing that one of them may be eliminated this Tuesday. Mathews asked Kaitlyn how worried she was about elimination, but before she had a chance to answer, The Nexus came on the scene. Mathews asked Wade Barrett if he was worried about the Raw GM’s ruling that if Nexus interferes, Barrett loses and the Nexus will be no more. Barrett said that he’s already shown that he can beat Cena on his own and tomorrow, they will have a special gift for Cena on Raw, showing a Nexus armband.

Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring with Rodrigo Rodriguez doing his big introduction in Spanish. Del Rio took the mic and bragged that tonight was his PPV debut and he wanted to make it special. He said that a man like him can take days counting his fortune but instead he’s in Dallas, trying to help the fans. He told the fans not to cheer him, but they can thank him. He mocked Rey Mysterio and Christian, then asked who was going to be the next man to face him. He said that since this was Texas, he thought things were bigger but said he could buy each and every one of you. He continued ripping on the fans until Edge came out.

Edge said he was not out here to defend anyone but he was in a battle against stupidity. He ripped on the little dog on Smackdown dressed like Rey Mysterio and Del Rio’s scarf. Del Rio told him to think very carefully about what he said. Edge began insulting Del Rio in broken Spanish. Edge ripped on Del Rio’s announcer, calling him stupid and ripped his jacket. Del Rio and Edge looked like they were about to go down when Jack Swagger came out and said what’s stupid is a Mexican and a Canadian fighting on the PPV when Swagger isn’t wrestling. Swagger complained about Edge beating up his mascot. Edge said he would pay the mascot’s medical bills and then he’d pay Swagger’s as well. Del Rio attacked Edge from behind and Swagger joined in.

The General Manager’s email advisory came through. Michael Cole announced that Edge would have to issue a public apology tomorrow and right now, it will be Edge vs. Jack Swagger.

Jack Swagger vs. Edge

Swagger worked over Edge early. Edge came back to nail several rights but Swagger whipped Edge into the turnbuckles. Swagger used a step over toehold but Edge escaped and began fighting is way back to his feet. Swagger took Edge out and covered him for a two count. Swagger locked in a body scissors to work over Edge on the mat. Edge escaped and used the Hot Shot on the ropes. Edge went for the spear but Swagger dropped down and Edge bounced off the ropes. Swagger covered him for a two count.

Swagger teased hitting a back suplex off the apron to the floor on Edge. Swagger locked on an abdominal stretch as both were between the ropes. Edge came back with a boot to the face as Swagger jumped over the ropes to return to the ring. Edge had a swollen eye at this point. Edge came back with several clotheslines. Swagger went for the ankle lock but edge escaoed. Edge ducked a clothesline and nailed the inverted DDT, then pulled swagger into a pinfall combination. Swagger kicked out and went for the ankle lock but Edge grabbed the ropes to force a break. Striker mentioned Edge’s Achille’s Heel injury.

Swagger charged Edge, who backdropped him over the top to the floor. Edge went for a shoulderblock but Swagger avoided it. He went for the anklelock on the floor but was kicked off, with Swagger taking a bump into the ring steps. Edge rolled Swagger back into the ring and went to the top rope. Swagger leaped up to grab a suplex but Edge battled him off. Edge nailed a missile dropkick to the face. He covered Swagger for a two count.

Swagger came back to whip Edge into the corner but Edge slipped out of the ring, nearly taking out another cameraman in the process. Edge went to the ropes but Swagger caught him with a top rope Belly to Belly suplex. Swagger nailed a back suplex. Swagger had a bloody bottom lip. He went for the Vader Bomb out of the corner but Edge kicked him as he came down and set up for the spear. He went for it but Swagger nailed the Doctor Bomb for a two count with Edge kicking up at the last second.

Edge went for an enziguiri as Swagger went for a Dragon Screw, which looked bad. The referee checked on Edge before they kept going. Swagger locked in the ankle lock but Edge rolled through and nailed the spear and scored the pin.

Your winner, Edge

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett: Cena joins Nexus vs. the end of the group

They played up that there was a huge amount of pressure on Cena tonight. They noted that since Cena was the face of the company, a lot of the stars on both brands were rooting for him to come through.

They went back and forth early with several near falls in a feeling out process. There were some dueling chants early. Cena nailed a hiptoss and a dropkick for a two count. Cena got the better of Barrett in wrestling early. Barrett worked over Cena with right hands but Cena came back with a double leg takedown and peppered him with punches. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but saw Nexus coming out to ringside. Cena was distracted so Barrett nailed him from behind. Barrett got out of the ring and told them to stick get away from ringside and that he had it. Otunga told them that the plan would work. Nexus remained at ringside.

Barrett whipped Cena into the barricade and then back into the ring for a two count. Barrett drilled Cena with a right hand and covered him for a two count. Barrett drilled Cena with an over the knee backbreaker. Barrett drilled Cena with an elbowdrop off the middle rope but Cena kicked out at two. Barrett controlled Cena, stomping and punching him. Cena fired back but missed a charge into the corner. Barrett drilled him with a hangman’s neckbreaker for a two count.

Barrett drilled his knee into the small of Cena’s back and extended his arms backward. Barrett catapulted him into the ropes and Cena snapped backwards over Barrett’s knees. Barrett went right back to working over Cena’s back. Cena finally came back with a pair of flying shoulder tackles, a suplex and went for the five knuckle shuffle. Nexus surrounded the ring as Cena nailed it. Big Show came running down to the ring and began brawling with Nexus. A ton of Raw and Smackdown babyfaces followed and they beat the hell out of the Nexus, running them off into the crowd. Cena had a big smile on his face. Officials removed the others from ringside as Cena smiled that it was now one on one.

Cena went for the STF but Barrett escaped and drilled him, working on Cena’s back. Cena mounted a comeback. He went for the Attitude Adjustment but Barrett escaped and whipped out an AWESOME Billy Robinson style Butterfly suplex for a two count. Barrett went after Cena in the corner, but Cena kept kicked him off. He charged but Cena was caught with a side slam for a two count. Barrett went for the second rope elbow but missed. Cena went to the top rope but Barrett recovered. They battled back and forth until Barrett finally set up for a superplex. Cena powered his way out of it and headbutt Barrett down, dazing himself in the process. Cena came off with a top rope legdrop for a two count.

Cena went for the AA but Barrett turned it into his finisher, the Wasteland, which Cena kicked out at the last second. Barrett looked to be thinking about what to do before he finally went to grab Cena. Cena nailed the AA for another two count. Barrett missed a punch and Cena locked in an STF. Michael McGuillicuty (not identified) hit the ring from the crowd but was tackled by the referee and the security guard. Husky Harris then hit the ring from another part of the crowd (not identified either) and drilled Cena. Barrett scored the pin.

Your winner, Wade Barrett

Your new member of Nexus, John Cena …and obviously, Harris and McGuillicuty will be soon as well.

John Cena spent a long time in the ring after his match. They showed a lot of shots of shocked fans. Cena hugged some kids before leaving the ringside area.

Backstage, Josh Mathews was wandering through the darkness and found Paul Bearer. Mathews asked why he returned after a six year absence. He said that Kane may think he is the only one with a master plan, Bearer has his own plans and he’s been biding his time for the last few years waiting. He said that Kane may be the “Devil’s favorite demon” but he’ll never be the “Father of Destruction’s favorite son.”

They ran the WWE promotional video on the company’s work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

WWE Unified Divas champion Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

Natalya took McCool down immediately and controlled her but McCool went to the ropes. McCool went outside. Natalya followed, drilling Layla El in the process, but was caught with a clothesline on the floor. McCool dropped a number of knees to Natalya’s back once when they returned to the ring. McCool snapmared her over and cinched in a body scissor to wear down Natalya. Natalya got to her feet with the scissor still locked on and ran McCool into the buckles. McCool held onto into and ran her back down to the mat. Natalya began firing her way out of the move. Natalya finally escaped and drilled McCool with a clothesline. Layla got on the apron and Natalya grabbed her. McCool threw a kick but got her partner instead. Natalya rolled her up for a two count.

McCool went for the Styles Clash but Natalya turned it into the Sharpshooter. McCool reversed it into a heel hook but Natalya turned it back into another Sharpshooter. Just as McCool was about to tap (and she started tapping), Layla tossed a shoe at Natalya. J.J. Dillon would approve.

Your winner by DQ, Natalya.

Obviously, no title change.

WWE World champion Kane vs. The Undertaker.

They brawled outside of the Cell, but the bell never rang. They finally battled inside the cage and around ringside. Kane grabbed a chair but Taker battled him off. They locked the Cell and rang the bell.

Taker followed Kane into the ring and clotheslined him in the corner several times. He dropped Kane into the corner with snake eyes, then dropped a legdrop for a two count. Kane grabbed a chair and drilled Taker over the back. Kane worked over Taker with a series of punches and kicks in the corner, then kicked him off the apron to the floor. On the floor, Taker battled back with a series of rights. He rammed Kane backwards into the cage.

Taker went to whip Kane into the steel steps at ringside but Kane reversed it and Taker ate the steel. Kane grabbed a chair and drilled Taker in the back of Taker’s leg. He ran Taker’s leg into the ringpost. He then wedged Taker’s leg between the post and the steps and slammed them. Kane continued beating on Taker. He charged Taker on the floor but missed, eating the cage face-first. Taker began working over Kane in the corner with boxing combinations, wearing him down. Taker nailed the guillotine legdrop on the apron.

Back in the ring, Kane went right back to attacking Taker’s bad leg. Kane, who had a trickle of blood running from the back of his head, went after Taker’s leg and ankle. Taker made his way back to his feet and they battled back and forth, slugging it out. Taker ducked a clothesline and nailed the heat seeking missile. He grabbed Kane’s arm and went to the ropes for the Old School walk but Kane took his bad leg out and Taker crotched himself. Kane superplexed Taker into the ring.

Kane went to the top rope for a clothesline but was drilled with a right hand in mid-air. Taker locked in the Hell’s Gate submission but Kane pulled himself out of the ring to break the hold. Kane returned and they each went for big boots at the same time, connecting with each other and crumbling to the mat. Both did the sit up and began fighting back and forth on their knees. Kane whipped Taker into the ropes but left his head down and Taker caught him with a DDT for a two count.

Taker nailed a chokeslam for a two count. Taker went for the Last Ride but Kane attacked the bad leg and chokeslammed Taker. He covered Taker, who kicked up at the last second. Kane drilled Taker a number of times in the corner and mounted the corner to throw punches but Taker pulled him into a Last Ride for a two count. Undertaker went for the tombstone but Kane reversed it and drilled it. Taker kicked out at two. Kane began screaming, “No” and punched the referee out.

The officials opened the cage so they could attend to the referee. Paul Bearer entered the cage and began trying to rally the Undertaker. Kane forced Bearer into the ring and screamed at him that he shouldn’t have come back. Taker sat up behind them and grabbed Kane for a chokeslam. Bearer motioned at Taker. Taker did the throat slash and the lights began flickering as pyro exploded on stage. Undertaker went to grab Kane when Bearer opened his urn and a light came out, blinding Taker. Everything went back to normal as Taker looked confused. Kane recovered and Bearer was between them. He looked back and forth, then handed the urn to Kane. Kane drilled Taker with it, then chokeslammed him for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE World champion, Kane!

So, the story was Bearer took Taker’s power and handed it to Kane, all along.


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