Sunday, October 17, 2010

Harminder kaur Wikipedia | Great Khali's Wife,Photos,Profile,Latest News

It Is quite unbelievable that a giant like Dalip Singh aka ’the great Khali’ would have a love life. But it is true. The great wrestler too has been touched, cleansed and drenched by love and Harminder Kaur, his wife, is the woman who swept him off his feet. Dalip Singh, a Hindu and Harmider Kaur, a Sikh got married according to Hindu traditions on February 27, 2002. Kaur is a nice Punjabi woman even though she is not as tall as her husband. Her personality is a combination of beauty, simplicity and warmth.

The great Khali loves children even though he has no child of his own. Anyways, there are lots of children in his big combined family who make up for that. Khali is very soft-hearted when it comes to his social and family life. He had a poor background and understands the problems of the poor. In Dhirana village where he lived, Khali used to help his villagers in every way he could. Post his change of fortune, he has build schools, hospitals and public places in his native village. His village people are waiting to see him as they love him, which depicts Khali’s humanity.

Great Khali has some good friends in the wrestling circle too. Gaint Silva, a Brazilian wrestler, is a good friend of Khali. He is almost as tall as Khali and both of them weigh around 400 pounds.

So we can say despite his mean profession, the great Khali is a real Indian who believes in god, love and friendship.

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