Saturday, October 2, 2010 Review | Ad-u pop Up Advertising Legit Or Scam?

Ad-u is a popup based programs used by bloggers and webmasters.Most of us get Easily Attracted by Ad-u cpv ie 50$ for 10000 popups.I came to know about ad-u from the referral banners of some Famous sites,when i contacted them and asked about Adu, i came to know that ad-u is a scam.But i want to do some experiment with Ad-u personally,then i join Ad-u and within few days i earned the minimum threshold value of 100$ and i requested payment but till now i didnt get any payments from them,and their customer care is very poor.(I contacted more than 5 times but no response from them).So i personally advice not to use Ad-u popups in your site,it degrades your site performance and wont pay you.

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