Saturday, October 9, 2010

10/10/10 | 10 10 10 | 10-10-10 virus to attack web on Sunday 10th Oct 2010?

Rumors about a possible virus attack on web on Sunday, Oct 10 spread on internet.
Some of the experts have warned about the malware attack on web at 10:10 am/pm Sunday, Oct 2010 as it appears like 10.10.10, a date whose symmetry has occurred once a year since 2001 and will do so until 2012.
Different news like computers internal clock will either jam or let loose a virus were spread on internet. Also a Facebook page has been set up with the title "Will my computer still work on 10/10/10 at 10.10am?".

Some computer safety experts suggested users to reset their computers internal clock to avoid the risk of virus attack.
The biggest computer fear over dates was in the year running up to the Millennium (2000). The 'Y2K' fear spread like a wild fire all over the world. During this period majority of serious computer experts warned that digital clocks and equipment based on those clocks would fail to work. But despite of all fears and rumors all the equipment worked perfectly well.

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