Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Are Family 2010 Movie Review | Hit Or Flop? | Hindi Film We Are Family

We Are Family 2010 Movie Review | Hit Or Flop? | Hindi Film We Are Family

We Are Family Review:There is really only one scene in the We Are Family, which is either emotional thrust. And this can only be bad news for professed tearjerker.
The scene in question works in the first place because of Kajol. How do terminally ill mother was in hospital, she said the potential stepmom her children (Kareena Kapoor), she had past and the future of their last playing on the word ‘W’ (yesterday and tomorrow, and jaanewala aanewala). Sob sob!
But I hate the sob stories, especially those who try too hard to activate the tear ducts only to fail.
We Are Family looks beautiful. And then what Karan Johar production there? The problem is that few in the film, which could take your attention away from the surface level of incentives.
It is hard not to warm up to Kajol in We Are Family. She stamps her authority on the character, that Susan Sarandon famously played in the 1998 smash hit Chris Columbus, Stepmom. She even spouts corniest lines with such conviction that you can not help but admire.
Personal, one can say the same thing about Karina. Natural heat from Julia Roberts conspicuously absent in her performance.
Saddled with a script that just does not give an instant improvement from the original film, Carina can not collect real kick in the nature of the career-minded young women who have to prepare ourselves to play a mother against all odds to three children once a married man she loves (Arjun Rampal) . Full marks for effort Karina, but much less for effect.
This applies We Are Family as a whole. This is the essence of fairy crybaby. What makes teeters on the brink of mediocrity, swinging wildly from the blank to sentimental.
Kajol’s character when she discovers her cervical cancer, tears falling into her designer kitchen and mutters through her sobs: “I do not want to die!” Scenario Venita Coelho and first director Siddharth P. Malhotra did not even leave that thought on the imagination of the audience. We Are Family is what kind of film.

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