Sunday, September 5, 2010

Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 online | s07e10 video Live Stream

Watch Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 online | s07e10 video Live Stream :
In what seems like an instant, another season of Entourage is about the bite the dust. Now seven full seasons old, the HBO show has seen its fair shares of hits and misses. While the sixth season was a miss, this seventh season has revived the show and has been one of the best it has seen yet. Last night, featured more ‘fine acting’ by Marc Cuban, a cameo by Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher and director Pete Berg returning to the show for another great scene.

Ari continued to self-inflict wounds on himself. After the awesome nod to the Godfather (the Blackberry behind the toilet), Ari proceeded to tell off Amanda Daniels with the fierceness that got him in this publicity nightmare to begin with. In about 10 seconds, he ruined his second chance at being a part of the LA NFL team.

Meanwhile, if cocaine is Vince’s literal drug, Sasha is Vince’s figurative drug, one that he is officially addicted. Not only did he have the audacity to ask Pete Berg for a role for Sasha, but he’s now OK with her role in the porn flick, one that will involve her ex-fiancee. It’s time for Vince to go cold turkey on both drugs, but what will the withdrawal push him to?

And finally Drama is warming up to the idea of the Johnny’s Bananas show. All it took was a little ego stroking by E’s assistant, who we’re banking on as a future love interest to the ego-drive actor. It’s a bummer that he missed the surprise party Phil was throwing but a happy ending finally seems to be on the horizon for Drama, something he desperately needs (and deserves).

In the season finale, the writers will more than likely leave us with a cliffhanger to ponder for the next year. There’s a whole lot that needs to happen and little time to do so. You can expect that all confrontations will finally come to a head - and they will probably all end bad. Ari and Mrs. Ari will duke it out, with possibly a separation being the outcome. Turtle will have it out with Carlos as he tries to fend off Mark Cuban’s desire to buy out the tequila company. E and Scott will also fight - over Vince and presumably over Scott’s attempt to take down Murray. And finally, Sasha will break up with Vince for being too controlling, which will result in Vince doing more blow. The Season will end with the gang looking to find Vince, staging a much-needed intervention.

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