Saturday, September 18, 2010

sonakshi sinha boyfriend Photos | Megha Gupta marrying Aditya Shrof

Aditya Shroff, ex-boyfriend of Sonakshi Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter is marrying famous TV actress Megha Gupta.
Megha Gupta became a known face in Indian Television after working in a daily soap Kavyanjali of Ekta Kapoor.
Aditya Shroff, owner of Fame Cinemas and Megha is said to have fallen in love in July and they are likely to tie the knot in December.
Aditya says about his love, “Megha is a lovely girl. We met through common friends. One thing led to another, soon we were meeting almost every day. Megha is a very, very attractive girl.”
About his past affair with Sonakshi, he said, “I have forgotten Sonakshi. That is the past.”
One of Aditya’s friend said, “Sonakshi behaved rather strangely after coming from an outdoor schedule of Dabangg. She stopped communicating with every member of the Shroff family, whose house she used to frequent almost every day.”
 Another source added that Sonakshi was not interested in marriage, “Aditya is 32 years old, while Sonakshi is 22. Aditya was very keen that they should tie the knot soon, but having become a Bollywood heroine, Sonakshi wanted at least six years of enjoying single status.”

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