Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sindhu Samaveli Movie Review | Hit Or Flop? | 2010 Tamil Movie Public Opinion

Sindhu Samaveli is about a girl’s constant battle in her mind about two men in her life . Sindhu Samaveli has a controversial story line wherein love blossoms between daughter-in-law and father-in-law. She has given her heart to one and her body to another.
The new aces Harish and Ghajini play the two male leads opposite another new comer Anakha. ‘Ganja’ Karuppu also plays an important role.
Director: Samy
Producer: Michael Rayappan
Music Director: Sundar C Babu
Sindhu Samaveli Story:
Anbu (Harish) is a brilliant student in a village school, somewhere in Kanyakumari area. His mother (Anupama Kumar) teaches in the same school and his dad Veerasami (Ghajini) is a CRPF soldier in Assam. His classmate is Sundari (Anakha), who is a failed student and elder to him by three years falls for him.
One day, his father gets injured in a militant attack and takes voluntary retirement and comes back to the village. The father dotes on his family especially his son, but tragedy strikes as his wife dies due to a snake bite.
Both father and son are heartbroken. Anbu decides to fulfil his mother’s dream of becoming a teacher. Around this time, his father and other relatives pressurize him to marry Sundari. The love birds live together for hardly a month, before they are separated as Anbu has to go to the teacher’s training school.
Sundari is left in the house to look after his dad, and soon due to certain incidents and circumstances they enter into a “forbidden relationship”. One day Anbu comes back and finds out the bitter truth leading to a taut nerve wracking climax on the high seas.
Sindhu Samaveli Cast and Crew Review:
The performance from the lead actors, Harish, Anakha and Ghajini makes it believable. The atmosphere is surcharged as there is a constant battle in the heroine’s mind, about the two men in her life- father and the son!
Sundar C Babu’s music is in sync with the theme, though there are too many songs which hampers the narration. His background theme is the highlight. Utpal’s camera and Thotta’s set’s especially the house in the midst of a valley bordering the sea is appealing.
Plus Points
Presentation is unique and fresh
Acting of new comers Harish, Anakha and Ghajini
Thotta Tharani’s Art – Very appealing
Negative Points:
Second half – The film sags a bit in the second half as it becomes melodramatic.
Some of the happenings and twists are hard to digest.
Too many songs.
Over all Verdict
Samy’s mature treatment of the bold theme. It can be watched by anyone who cares for cinema of sense and substance. Strictly not for culture lovers as it deals on Yet another Illegal Relation

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