Friday, September 17, 2010

Saradaga Kasepu Telugu Movie Review | Hit Or Flop ? | Public Opinion Of Saradaga Kasepu

Saradaga Kasepu Telugu Movie Review :Story
Driver Ranga Babu (Allari Naresh) is the childhood friend of Srinivas (Srinivas Avasarala) who hails from a rich family and returns from USA. Srinivas’s father Gajapathi (Jeeva) and mother (Sana) wish to get their son married to Manimala (Madhurima), the daughter of Raja Rao (Ahuthi) who lives in another city.
But Srinivas puts a condition that he wants to test the girl and hence prefers to appear in front her in driver’s costume and asks Ranga Babu to act as owner. This results in misinterpretations and misunderstandings and runs like a big comedy of errors at Manimala’s place.

Finally who marries whom? And how the situations settle down? That forms the story on a whole.

Artists Performance:
Allari Naresh brought innumerable laughs as usual. His trade mark pun and fun made the audience stick on to seats. His dialogues are impressive just because of his delivery.
Srinivas Avasarala has shown a difference from that of ‘Asta Chemma’. He acted up to the role and perfectly suited to be along with Allari Naresh in screen presence and energy levels.
Madhurima looks good but the make up could have been better for her especially in songs. Costumes are ok.
Krishna Bhagawan’s comedy is routine but brings laughs to front benchers. Ahuthi Prasad has got a couple of worthy dialogues to make audience laugh. MS is also ok. Jaya Prakash Reddy has got wasted.

Final Analysis:
There is no big story. There is no great effort to knit the narration with great humor. It just goes like a village bus. It’s natural wit that sparks here and there in dialogues and renditions. As the title sounds ‘it’s just a time pass movie’ and no big blasts can be expected.
This time Vamsy concentrated only on lighter moments but not on something sentimental. That’s laudable to an extent. He too didn’t leave showcasing the popular Saree brand Kalamandir in a dialogue as well as in a scene to get some support with costumes.

Allari Naresh’s dialogues pulled some good attention just because of his trade mark rendition although the lines are very normal. Here are a few to recall:
Allari Naresh: ‘nenu matladetappudu nee chevulu maatrame pani cheyyali. Kaadani inkemi pani chesinaa…ninnu naa next birthday ki pilavanu”.
(when a man shows thumb as a sign to say ‘done’ in a serious scene) Allari Naresh: entamma..manchineelu kaavala…
Music is ok. Chakry seems to be the best bet to make a tailor made customized music that fits in the taste of Vamsy. The canning of songs has got the mark of Vamsy.
First half goes with average narration while the second half picks up with laughs. This is a movie that can run for some time till the big movies arrive.

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