Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rishad Premji Wikipedia | Rishad is Wipro's new strategy boss | Photos,Latest News About Premji

Rishad Premji  Wikipedia | Rishad is Wipro's new strategy boss | Photos,Latest News About Premji  

Rishad Premji,is the son of Azim premji(Wipro).Rishad Premji, one of the heirs to Azim Premji’s nearly $17-b empire, will get a chance to prove his management mettle at the top echelons of Wipro after he was appointed chief strategy officer of India’s third-biggest software services exporter.

The 33-year-old Rishad, widely perceived as Mr Premji’s successor at Wipro, will chart future strategy, identify new business areas and help draw up a vision plan. He will report to the joint CEOs, Suresh Vaswani and Girish Paranjpe.

“The changes will be effective January 2011. However, Rishad will move into the strategy function from September 1, 2010,” Mr Vaswani and Mr Paranjpe, along with CFO Suresh Senapaty, said in an email to employees. ET was shown a copy of the communication by a company official who requested anonymity. The move is an important one for both Wipro and Rishad. It is an appropriate training ground for a bigger role for Rishad. Rishad will also bring knowledge and insights from his three-year stint as general manager, investor relations, where he dealt with investors, fund managers extensively.

"He (Rishad) always brings some fresh perspective and is very well versed in the financials. I did not know he was Rishad until I was told. He sat through a discussion just taking notes," said a financial analyst, who has dealt with him.

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