Friday, September 24, 2010

Endhiran Movie Facts | Unknown Interesting Informations About The Movie Enthiran

Rajinikanth would be seen without his famed moustache in most parts thereby making him look much younger.Rajnikanth plays a dual role in the film.

* Rajnikanth will be seen in 100 different styles during a song in the film!

* Rajnikanth’s pay for endhiran is Rs 45 crores.A share in the profit will also be added in the rajnikanth price for the movie.
* Aishwarya Rai Bachchan agreed for a whooping amount of Rs. 6 crores for the film, becoming the highest paid actress during that time.

* Endhiran has cost around Rs. 200 crores!

* Endhiran will be released in more than 2000 prints, biggest ever for an Indian film.

* The film will be released in over 300 screens outside India, which makes Endhiran the largest worldwide release after Spiderman.

* The audio rights of the movie has been bagged by Think Music for a whooping 7 Crore Indian Rupees or $1.6 million.

* This Rajinikanth-starrer will also be released in China where the super star has a huge fan following as he does in Japan.

According to the official reports, Endhiran has made a record breaking history in US theatres as tickets for all the three versions were sold out within few minutes after booking plans opened.
Endhiran US rights was acquired by FICUS Movies, a U.S. based production house has acquired the rights of both Tamil and Telugu version for a whooping amount of nearly Rs.35 Crores.
According to the trade reports, the producers of Endhiran are likely to take a cakewalk with a wholesome profit prior to the release of film on October 1. Rumors are that until now Sun Pictures has sold out approximately for Rs.202 Crores and will reach an extremum of Rs.240 Crores.
Venus is reported to have acquired the Hindi rights have a big sum of Rs.50 Crores.
Meanwhile, the entire team of Sun Network is vigorously promoting the film by featuring cover stories in all its print network and teasers in satellite channels.
“Endhiran’ will be India’s first sci-fi thriller based on “Robot’ and has been produced at the cost of Rs.130 Crores.
The producers have also set up a special team to be vigilant over curbing down the piracy videos.

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