Monday, September 20, 2010

Castle Season 3 Episode 1Premiere Recap | Watch online Tvshows | Story,bottomline

Welcome to “Castle,” Season 3. Here’s what we’ve learned so far: Nathan Fillion found a network willing to keep a good show running for multiple seasons; ABC put forth a gripping season 3 teaser; and the writers have set things up to promise yet another season of sexual tension between Beckett and Castle.
Relationship-wise, here’s what’s happened in the first episode of this season.
  • Castle’s still writing and promoting some steamy mystery novels inspired by Beckett.
  • Beckett’s relationship with the Castle-wannabe failed.
  • Everyone at the precinct missed Castle.
  • Castle and Beckett still solve crime best when working together.
In other words, more murders were solved, but little else has changed for the main characters while others continually change around them.
The writers brilliantly sent Castle to the Hamptons for the summer with his ex (maybe he also got to party with the characters from “Royal Pains” there). Castle’s return, therefore, wasn’t a smooth one and seemed hoped for but not entirely expected by the precinct.
We’ve already sat through two full seasons of sexual tension. How much longer can it last? Past shows like “The Nanny” have built entire show pretenses mainly around the tension between two characters—but what happens when the romance is resolved? Writers either resolve the romance because the series is ending or the show ends because the romance was resolved.
Like “The Nanny,” “Castle” will probably contain an eventual profession of love between the two main characters. Once said profession is declared, one of them will take it back or a series of tragedies (heart attacks, personal implication in murder, theft) will occur.
The writers are likely holding the Beckett’s-mother’s-murderer-card in hand just in case Castle and Becket grow too close.

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