Friday, September 10, 2010

Boss Engira Baskaran Tamil Movie Review | Hit Or Flop ? | Public Opinion ,Ratings

Who is in it?
Set in the backdrop of Kumbakonam, Boss Engira Bhaskaran has Arya playing the role of a happy-go-lucky guy Bhaskaran aka Boss, with a good-for-nothing image in his social circle; Santhanam plays his only friend Nalla Thambi who runs a saloon. Nayantara plays a trainee lecturer Chandrika. Malayalam actress Shakeela, noted for her appearances in numerous soft porn movies, plays a cameo as a tutorial teacher, while Jiiva comes in the climax in a special role.

What is it about?
Bhaskaran is on the way to his exam hall to appear in his English (arrears) exam, which he has been trying to pass for the last five years! Since he is too weak in English, Bhaskaran has prepared some materials for malpractice at the exam hall and they are secretly placed all around his clothes. At the bus stop, he meets Chandrika (Nayantara) and is attracted to her charm. To get her attention, Bhaskaran strikes a conversation with her and eventually reveals that he is going for an exam with copying materials. At the exam hall, Bhaskaran is surprised to see Chandrika as an invigilator and tries to hide. But she seizes all his materials and consequently, Bhaskaran leaves without writing the exam.
Meanwhile, Bhaskaran's elder brother Saravanan, a veterinary doctor, falls in love with banker Shanmukha Sundaram's daughter Nandhini and decides to marry her with her parents' consent. He sends Bhaskaran and his mother for the 'bride seeing' ceremony at Nandhini's house. When they are about to leave, Chandrika steps in, saying she is Nandhini's younger sister. Though shocked, Bhaskaran sees this as an advantage as he will now have more opportunities within the home circle to meet and woo Chandrika. Later, Saravanan-Nandhini's marriage takes place.
After some interesting sequences, Bhaskaran proposes marriage to Chandrika but she refuses, saying her marriage would be decided by her elders. So, Bhaskaran talks with his sister-in-law Nandhini, who promises that she would encourage the alliance only if Bhaskaran gets a decent job. It becomes a big issue at Bhaskaran's house and everyone criticizes Bhaskaran for even thinking about marriage when he has neither a degree nor a job. Irked by this criticism, he leaves the house, challenging that he would earn plenty of money in six months and marry Chandrika. What happens next forms the rest of the film.
Perhaps this is the first time Arya, known for his serious and romantic roles, plays the lead role in a full-fledged comedy film. His performance as an irresponsible guy who decides to make a U turn in life, is convincing and his comedy timing and mannerisms are impressive. In fact, this proves that Arya can handle all kinds of roles with ease. After Arya, Santhanam deserves a big round of applause as he is the backbone of the show. The major plus point with Santhanam is that unlike many leading comedians who usually act in comedy tracks separate from the main plot, he plays the role within the story, contributing a more realistic feel. After a couple of debacles in Tamil, Nayantara is back with a bang and unlike her usual movies which demand nothing but skin show; Boss Engira Bhaskaran offers her ample space for performance. Nayantara does justice to the role as Chandrika, though not outstanding.
Music by Yuvanshankar Raja is spectacular as usual and his numbers, especially 'Ada Boss Boss' and 'Yaar Antha Penthan' are worth mentioning. Editing by Vivek Harshan is racy, while Sakthi Saravanan's cinematography is perfect, in keeping the mood of the film. However, the picturisation of the song 'Mama Mama' could have been better. Though Boss Engira Bhaskaran can be graded as a near perfect movie, it is not devoid of slips. Jiiva's role as a rich, young businessman Siva, who comes as Chandrika's bridegroom but later joins the lovers, is clich├ęd, though it is cast in a different manner. And the last sequence which shows Jiiva getting a phone call from the director himself who advises him to just stick with his cameo alone rather than messing up with some action scenes which the hero is supposed to do, might have been included with a comic sense but in reality, it looks odd and artificial in the flow of the story and thus, could have been avoided. Considering the style and the quality of narration of the earlier portions, the climax is poor! Otherwise, Boss Engira Bhaskaran rocks! 

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