Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ayodhya verdict postponed | Babri masjid verdict postponed To Sept 28 Next Week

Ayodhya Verdict has been postponed to September 28 due to differed verdict by the court. Tight Securities, closed circuit television cameras, road blocks and barricades all go waste now. The large scale preparations done across the country anticipating a tense situation appear to be just to say that the verdict is postponed. It was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow by the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court.
Ayodhya Verdict postponed to next week: Supreme Court differed
The government had taken all the precautions, asking ministers to monitor the situation in their area and stepping up vigil around sensitive places, banned bulk SMSes and MMSes to prevent cellphones turning handy for mischief-mongers looking to spread rumors, distribute objectionable content and create panic all go in vain.

The verdict was postponed due to a plea submitted to the Supreme Court asking that the verdict be postponed citing it could lead to communal violence. The plea was filed by a retired bureaucrat Ramesh Chand Tripathi earlier this week.

One of the High Court judges hearing the case in Lucknow retires at the end of this month. If the verdict is not delivered before then, the entire trial may have to be conducted again. The Supreme Court took this into account before fixing its next date of hearing for deferment to September 28.

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