Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Justin Bieber Hates Koreans? Bieber not going North Korea My World Tour

A number of internet pranksters including 4Chan are trying to send Justin Bieber to North Korea on his tour. Bieber had used a polling service that would allow his fans to vote for the next location that he will add to his tour.

There were many options available, and since the site did not limit the nations that you can choose from, the pranksters racked up over half a million votes in a short amount of time, putting it in first place.
The move was reportedly made by pranksters from the popular internet message board 4chan.

The site is known for pulling pranks like this. In fact, this prank is fairly harmless compared to the pranks that they usually pull. The nation of North Korea jumped from 24th place to first place in a matter of hours. The country is currently ahead of Israel by about 5,000 votes.
It is believed that Israel is also part of the prank. It is highly unlikely that this tour would ever happen. It is doubtful hat Bieber would agree to go, and Kim Jong Il definitely does not want him there. It is a funny joke from a site that is known for making much more serious attacks.

Previously, 4Chan took on Scientology, spreading their own propaganda around the net. They even protested several of their church sites, sitting outside with signs and megaphones.
This isn’t the first, and definitely isn’t the last internet prank that Justin Bieber will see throughout his career. It seems like every day there is a new rumor made about him.

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