Saturday, July 10, 2010

James Cameron's Titanic 3D in April 2012 | Titanic 3d to hit screen in 2012

Here is some exciting news for animation lovers and 3d you can watch your favourite movies in 3d animation.It is announced by the officials of titanic movie the directors and other administrative team of titanic.the actors are  very happy,of titanic,like Leonardo-di-caprio and KateWinslet.
 The past year in cinema has been all about 3D. Though there were obviously 3D movies before 2009, the technology wasn’t nearly as popular. Now, it seems as though every big movie to hit theaters is available in both two and three dimensions. James Cameron’s Avatar is probably the most famous 3D movie we’ve seen to date, and it sounds like Cameron is all set to churn out another 3D flick. 
The movie titanicis made 1997 by james cameron on disaster of the biggest ship of the world of britane. It is an eternal  love story and beatyfully picturised on the screen of world get ready to watch your favourite in is going to relased on the 100th aniversery of titanic in 2012.

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