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Inception meaning | Watch Inception Movie Online | Inception movie Review

Inception meaning:

Now, Leo and his team of special "extractors" must achieve "inception"-meaning that instead of stealing dreams, they must plant some. If you're still awake, 

Movie Review: 

Inception is so spectacularly entertaining you’ll want to see it twice, and so mind-bendingly original you’ll need to see it more than once to get all the intricacies of the story. Writer/director Christopher Nolan cements his place as one of our top living filmmakers with this trippy sci-fi action thriller/romance that more than lives up to its hype.

Inception’s one of those movies you absolutely must engage your brain to understand and enjoy. Get your popcorn and sodas before the first frame or go without – you don’t want to miss a minute for fear of losing track of the story. But Inception not only demands your attention it earns it by never letting the effects overwhelm the characters, never settling for an easy out or taking storytelling shortcuts, and by keeping the pace brisk and the action stunningly inventive.
A refreshing reprieve from a summer full of disappointments, Inception is that rare beast that lingers with you long after you’ve left the theater. What Nolan’s accomplished with Inception is, to put it simply, brilliant.
Inception – The Story
Inception is all about a new form of corporate espionage: the ability to steal ideas while the owner’s dreaming. This is done by means of an ‘extraction’ team. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) heads up the most successful such team, with Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) as the point man who helps set up the scheme. They’ll be joined for their riskiest mission by Ariadne as the architect (Ellen Page) who creates the perfect dreamscape, and Eames (Tom Hardy) as a forger/master of disguise. Yusuf (Dileep Rao) is in charge of administering the drugs used to keep the team and its target in the dream state and who ultimately makes sure they all exit the dream safely.
When we first are introduced to Cobb, a conflicted man who cannot return to his family in the States for a reason that’s left unexplained for much of the film, he’s in the middle of trying to extract a secret from a powerful businessman named Saito (Ken Watanabe). The mission doesn’t go as planned, but it does lead to a job offer Cobb can’t refuse. In exchange for planting an idea in someone’s head, Saito offers Cobb the opportunity to return to the US to be reunited with his family. That offer’s impossible for Cobb to resist as he desperately misses his two small children, although planting an idea means the team will be entering uncharted territory.
The target of the job is Robert Fischer Jr (Cillian Murphy), the heir to a multibillion-dollar corporation. Saito wants Fischer to break up his father’s company so the team must plant that seed in Fischer’s subconscious. How they go about tackling this mission, how they handle the complexities involved in journeying through a stranger’s mind, and the emotional turmoil Cobb experiences as he spends extended periods of time in the dream state with – no spoilers here – someone whose presence both disturbs and thrills him, makes for an incredibly tense thrill ride of a film you have to experience to understand

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