Thursday, July 15, 2010

Epic Browser features | Download Epic Browsers | First Browser with an Indian Origin

Bangalore based startup Hidden Reflex has announced the launch of its browser "Epic", which aims at making Indians all over the world proud.Epic, which also happens to be the first entirely Indian made web browser, is based on the Mozilla platform and comes with quite a bunch of India centric features. We did take it for a short spin and we came out quite happy with it. Before we look at the details, let's look at details about Hidden Reflex, the company behind the browser.
The company was founded by the then U.S. based Engineer Alok Bhardwaj in 2007. However, the company is currently based in Bangalore. They initially had a team of three members and have now grown to quite a bunch of people who are working on two separate products. The first one, Epic, has already been launched. The other one is still in the making.

Epic Browser Features:
Type in Indian Languages.
Easily. EveryWhere
Sidebar Applications. Free 1500+ Apps
Built on the latest Mozilla Firefox.
Tweaked for speed.
Faster Browsing.
Faster Downloads.
Built in Antivirus
Malicious Website warnings
Anti-Phishing Protection
One-Click Private Data Deletion
One-Click Private Browsing
Flash cookie deletion
No Browsing Reports
Epic Browser also offers Latest Film Songs, Live Cricket Scores, News from a Dozen+ Leading Sources, Regional and Hindi Language News, Live TV, Stock Quotes,Events,Videos,Even a Daily Joke.
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