Friday, July 16, 2010

Drunk Riya Sen Kiss with Suraj Pancholi : Son of Aditya Pancholi Photos:

There was some drama to be scene in the recent reported where son of Aditya Pancholi, Suraj Pancholi was left embarrassed.
Riya Sen is known to be a party animal and she was doing what is known for i.e. Partying in South Mumbai at unconfirmed place. With in no time, she was drunk and got so high that she couldn't even stand properly.
Amidst of it all, she got hold of Suraj Pancholi and even before Junior Pancholi could realize what is about to happen with him, he found himself in the tight lip lock with Riya Sen.
The whole incident was taken in a light manner however left the upcoming star embarrassed.

Here is the picture of Suraj Pancholi with his Dad and Sister, Sana Pancholi.


  1. This is disgusting. This slut doesn't has any ides what is she doing kissing a guy more than a decade younger than her almost 15 yrs. she can be a mother of 15 yr old. There must be some plan involved in making pancholi's reputation bad. This is what they did to Aditya Pancholi's Career and then Sana and now Suraj. Just because he's married to a muslim lady. Is this is a liberal country where no one has any right to spend life with whoever they feel like? I'm embarassed of india.

  2. How much was This weirdo paid to do this cheap act? Def big amount so that Pancholi doesn't get a good career. This is what the goal was right?