Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dave Branch vs Gerald Harris Video UFC 116 | Video Replay

UFC 116 Gerald Harris vs. Dave Branch fight video: Not better but best middleweight champion:

Gerald Harris vs. Dave BranchThe heavy match between the two great middle weight champions Gerald Harris vs. Dave Branch is too interesting to watch on and also the match is expected to be held at Las Vegas, Nevada US on 3 July 2010 which is also the same as all the other fights. The UFC 116 match here by calls every one to the sight.

Dave brunch the mixture of martial arts have given a great hope to the audience about his victory. As many of the professional wrestlers he is also having great interest in BJJ and also has been honored with black belt in BJJ. His MMA records of victory have amazed the audience greatly.

The history as well as the abilities are the main mattters forcing the public to view the match. The two perfect fit fighters with the interesting MMA records forces the public towards the UFC 116.

Gerald haris or the hurricane is also a mixture of martial arts. He has much interest in wrestling rather than in BJJ like other wrestlers. He has also a professional outlook of a superb wrestler. He is also a good fighter with lots of accomplishments.

This match is not merely a common but it is the fight between the mixtures of martial arts in order to find who overcome the other. As per the predictions and the MMA records the chance for winning greatly focuses upon the middle weight wrestler Drove brunch. This makes the audience on the point of eagerness.

The live videos of this fight are available on several local television channels and also on various websites. The highlights and the replay videos of this fight are available on various video hosting websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. The match is conducted at Nevada which is expected to be full of rush.

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