Tuesday, December 1, 2009


·    You may think pasta as an Italian dish ,but actually it was created in china.So were fireworks,compasses,chopsticks,crossbow,paper,and paper money
·    Mt.fuji may not seem so high compared with world,s other mountains,But high enough in summer the temperature  at the top is 22c cooler than it is at the bottom
·    The great wall of china can be seen from outer space
·    For many Koreans the no 4 is considered unlucky as if no 13 for westerners,as it is pronounced same as death
·    Indonesia has more than 200 active volcanoes ,famous among them is krakatoa
·    If u want to give a gift in Singapore ,don’t give them handkercheif or clock,bcoz these things were related with funerals ,accidents and death
·    The full official Thai name for Bangkok has more than 160 letters,according to some source it is the longest name of any place in the world
·    One of  the most popular sports of Bangladesh is “kite flying”
·    The govt of Bhutan limits the no of tourists entering the city
·    In srilanka some people believe that it’s a  bad luck to have a chameleon(a kind of lizard) cross ur path
·    Many Armeniens hold Mt.Ararat sacred.they believe that  their ancestors were first people to appear in the world
·    The religion of Zoroastrianism was founded in Iran by a man named zarathushtra more than 2500 years ago
·    The caliphs of Baghdad in 800s and 900s Ad were great supporters of chess.The city was the home of some of the best chess players
·    The dead sea is so salty,that when u swim in it,u float even if u don’t want to
·    Nearly 2400 years ago the Egyptian king Ptolemy ii philadelphus took over the city of Amman.He decided to rename it.The name he choose?Philadelphia for himself
·    There are more than 1 billion muslims in the world today.Every year 2 million muslims from different parts of the world make their pilgrimage to Mecca
·    Damascus is believed to be the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city.People had apparently lived there from 2500BC
·    Two bridges spanning the Bosporus strait connect Istanbul’s European and Asian sides
·    Britan used to send some of the prisoners to Australia,thousands of miles away,so they wont able to get back
·    Central Sydney is called Eora country.Today many aboriginal people in Sydney call themselves as Eora
·    Newzealand is the home of one of the world’s longest name of a hill called”Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu”
·    Wellington ia a centre of Newzealand’s growing cinema industry
·    Phillipines is called the Hollywood of the East
.             In India  some people believe that it’s a  bad luck to have a cat cross ur path

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